Poet. Inquirer.

Every wonder the meaning of it all? I do. My work comes from careful listening, quiet observation, nimble thinking, and fierce independence.

My first poem was published when I was 12—and has subsequently been destroyed. Trained as a journalist, I have worked for Willamette Week, Portland Monthly, Times–Free Press, Bitch Media, and more. After a 2017/18 Atheneum Fellowship at the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters in Portland, I’ve been working on my first book. You can learn more and support my work on Patreon.

20 Questions.

Want to play?

Here’s how it works: I ask the questions. You answer them. But these aren’t just “yes” or “no”—they go deeper, into who you are, and how we are connected.

If you make it through all 20 questions, we switch, and I become the answerer. But you get just one question. So make it count.


Let’s begin.

Give me your name and email, then answer the first question. I’ll respond with any thoughts and a second question, and so on.

(By clicking “Send,” you agree to receive emails from me. This is not an “email list”—i.e., an automated email sequence that gives me permission to sell to you every week or month—what a hassle. These are personalized questions just for you, directly from me. This information is not made public, and it’s not for sale. However, with your email, I reserve the right to send you any messages I feel are pertinent to my work—e.g., my book is being published, or I want to invite you to a reading or an event I’m speaking at. You can request to stop receiving these emails at any time.)