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  • I’m on Patreon!
    Hi there.
  • I’m writing a book!
    It’s starting to feel like every day is losing its magic. That’s why 2020 is the year I’ll write my book of poetry.
  • National Poetry Month
    April is National Poetry Month. It’s also my birthday month. At the start of this year, I had started planning for this month with excitement about my poetic endeavors. Now that we’re here, there’s less excitement as there is heightened resolve to do this work that I do. As we face a new and complexContinue reading “National Poetry Month”
  • UPDATED: Poetry to help with anxiety
    As fear and anxiety spreads, I wanted to try to give people comfort and hope through poetry.
  • Can poetry change the world?
    I believe in the power of poetry to change the world—not in the form of large, over-orchestrated, time-consuming, and costly acts, but in the simple act of stopping, slowing down, and being thoughtful and observant in our day-to-day.

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