Can poetry change the world?

I believe in the power of poetry to change the world.

Whether we read it, hear it, speak it, practice it, or experience it—poetry and its process is paramount to making meaningful change in the world.

Because to change the world does not take large, heroic, complicated, and costly achievements—but small, thoughtful, independent, and nimble understanding of our everyday decisions.

Simply: change is not about new technologies and crowdfunded ideas to solve our biggest problems, but the ability to imagine the entirety of the story before our individual and collective actions cause them.

Imagine having the lightning insight of an entire species’ future in the moment it takes to buy a plastic bottle of water.

That is poetry.

Imagine being able to see a stranger’s entire life unfold in front of you in the moment it takes to shake someone’s hand.

That is poetry.

Imagine seeing the sparks of connection between every person you’ve ever met in the moment it takes to check emails on your phone.

That is poetry.

Imagine having dinner, drinks, and a long walk full of conversation in the moment it takes to order your morning coffee.

That is poetry.

Imagine being whisked across the ocean to mourn with the woman who has been separated from her husband in the moment it takes to buy the tickets for your next vacation.

That is poetry.

Imagine seeing a mother’s tears as she realizes she can stay at home with her newborn baby and make money doing what she loves in the moment it takes to cast your vote on the ballot.

That is poetry.

Poetry is not about simplifying, but magnifying the complexities of the human condition within a focused moment.

With poetry, every thought is a wonder. Every moment is a lifetime.

With poetry, when we enter our day, we are more aware of every action, but more importantly, we can see the implications and the connectedness of the smallest decisions we make before we follow through with them.

Because poetry gives us the insight, imagination, and interpretation in the small spaces of our day to see the substance in our breaks, the impact of our words, the preciseness of our decisions, and the possibility in being able to throw it all away if it’s not working.

Love it. Share it. Keep it.

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