National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month.

It’s also my birthday month.

At the start of this year, I had started planning for this month with excitement about my poetic endeavors.

Now that we’re here, there’s less excitement as there is heightened resolve to do this work that I do.

As we face a new and complex moment in our lives, I am more committed than ever to doing everything I can to bring comfort, perspective, understanding, and deeper meaning to our world through poetry and through connection.

And to make it as accessible as I can to a broader audience.

This month, I will be leading a Life Poetic, in a search for my own truths, but also as a way to help you see the bigger picture and to pull yourself out of your day to day.

Every day, I will be posting something that inspires me, makes me think, or offers a glimpse into that vast universe.

Love it. Share it. Keep it.

The kind of work I do takes time and deep thought and reflection. If my words have brought you any hope or empowerment, please consider supporting my work by becoming a patron.

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