My Word of the Year

This morning, a four-letter word was poking me in the forehead to wake up. 

When I first sat down to write about my word of the year, I thought I was going to write about something else: trust.

Because: The need for trust in a divided nation. Yes, even the cliched trust in ourselves. And most importantly, trust in the sense of that personal connection between two people.

But “trust” was too…easy.

Too topical. To obvious. Too…superficial.

I needed to go deeper.

So I did what I do: I let the words come to me.

When I woke this morning, and a completely new word was now prodding me out of bed, I looked it up to make sure it was what I had been looking for. Sure enough, there it was:


Because, for whatever reason, I’ve been given another day, another year, an entire lifetime in this world. 

Because, yes, my son is growing up “too fast.”

Because every occasion is one for insight and observation and celebration.

Because after three years, three days of motherhood (11 months of them during a pandemic) working at least 12 hours a day without a single day off by myself, I need the leisure of reading, walking, talking, relaxing, being.

Because every moment is opportune. 

Because we are living every day through a “historical” period and take part in events that will mark our lives.

Because standing in the present, we connect deep into our pasts and stretch out into our vast futures. 

Because what will I do with this life?

Because the greatest blessing is not knowing when I will die.

Because there is a season for everything.

Because the rhythm of our days is the opus of our lives.

Because each moment, hour, day, or year is filled not in our calendars but by what we do with them. 

Because it is the habits we repeat that make us who we are. 

Because when it is measured it is finite.

Because it is understood through our personal experience.

Because no matter what we do, it will be occupied.

Because it still confounds us. 

Because, whether I have one more day, this moment, or a lifetime, real trust takes time, and it can be broken in less than a second.

Because, time is the Essential.

And because…I hope this year, I will be given time to make those personal connections. 

Love it. Share it. Keep it.

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