How have we filled our days with things that make us feel empty?

Chocolate chip cookies.

The sweetness of life, everyday comforts. When my son asks to make cookies, I rarely say no.

We used to make the fancy fatty ones that are as big as a newborn baby’s head. Then we made the tablespoonful drops. Always, we’d freeze the rest, to pull out on some spontaneous cold day.

The past three years, I have lived an ordinary life, filled with naps, snacks, and a constant search for breakfast recipes. I watch as others tidy their lives to be social-media-ready.

I am not a domestic icon.

I am a homebody.

But as we stretch our tired bodies into the second full year of a pandemic, a year many of us believed would be filled with travel and reunions, we now see cold months of further isolation and weary caution.

It is time to find ourselves at home again. So I wonder:

When was the last time you felt the pleasures of home?

Love it. Share it. Keep it.

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