I’m on Patreon!

Hi there.

I’ve moved most of my writing and work over to my Patreon page, so I won’t be updating this blog as regularly. If you’re curious about what I’m up to or what I’m writing about, head on over there.

For anyone who doesn’t know, it can be extremely hard (i.e., most would say impossible) to make a life at poetry. But dammit, I’m gonna try. And for me, patronage feels like the best and more honest route over traditional publishing. And instead of bobbing and weaving and ducking through the nightmare that is submissions and contests, etc., I’ve decided I want to be independent and take my work directly to the people.

I’ll still post here occasionally, especially if I’ve posted something super cool, or if there’s simply something I’m doing I think you should know about. If Patreon turns out to be fairly successful, I might get enough money and time to post more on here, or when I figure out some of the widgets to streamline my posting on both sites, I’ll be back.

But for now, the best way to keep up with my work is to join me on Patreon. Or sign up for my newsletter below. Thank you!


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Poetry you want on your bookshelf…

…poetry that is personal.

…poetry that makes you think.

…poetry that pulls you out of yourself.

…poetry that makes you feel heard, less alone.

…poetry that offers a new and different perspective.

…poetry that helps you step out of your day to day.

…poetry that is a doorway to something…somewhere…someone else.

The poetry we want on our shelves is not only the poetry we want to go to time and time again, but also poetry that is beautiful in form.

The lines are short and poignant, and break where they make you think.

But also, the poetry you want on your bookshelf is the poetry that is beautiful in physical form—pages you want to run your fingers over, spines you want to line up along your wall, and words that sink into the paper as much as they sink into your heart, mind, body, soul.

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