Love it. Share it. Keep it.

Wouldn’t it be great if finding poetry were this easy?

Poetry that connects. Strikes the heart. Pulls you from your isolation, even when you’re all alone.

It could be. But sometimes it takes years of searching. Sometimes stumbling upon it. Mostly, it’s pure luck.

To find that poem or poet who cracks the universe open.

Or offers comfort amid the chaos.

Or simply adds a little bit of beauty to your day.

Those poets are out there, but you don’t have the time to find them, and our current publishing landscape isn’t working very hard to promote them.

The unfortunate reality is that the poetry you’re reading isn’t written for you.

Basically, it’s written for academics and other poets. And although there are a few poets and publishers trying (and some succeeding) to change the model, for the most part, their business is simply mimicking the past. And leaving you out of it.

What about the rest of us?

I’m like you—I’m not an idiot, but I don’t want to feel stupid after reading a poem. I know poetry can resonate and not feel like a college book review on The Iliad. I don’t think I need to have a PhD to understand poetry.

And I believe poetry can connect us to something bigger than ourselves and unite us on the most basic level: the human condition.

I’ve spent years of my life running from poetry. I wasn’t exotic enough. I didn’t have a modern voice. And besides, who actually makes a living writing poetry?

But it was there. Always with me.

One day, when I found myself going through old journals and notebooks and pages of writing, I rediscovered who I could be when I was writing poetry, and what I could offer.

So I finally signed up for a poetry course at the Attic Institute in Portland. And I shared my work. [gulp] And it felt so much more incredible than I could have imagined…being myself again, surrounded by others like me.

And yet…I heard the same things in that room as I do from you now….

“Poetry is inaccessible.”
“It’s hard to understand.”
“I can’t find poets I like.”
“How am I supposed to find a publication where my kind of poetry is?”

And these were poets! How is an everyday person supposed to find poetry that is accessible, that resonates, and actually invest in a book or journal or magazine that won’t just be 12 issues, maybe 1 poem you kind of like, and $40 down the drain?

And it’s not much better for the poets. We have to

  • sift through all the publications,
  • read the publications (which aren’t free, usually),
  • submit to the publications (which costs a fee, usually),
  • wait months to hear back from the publications,
  • and when it’s all done, we may or may not get published (which doesn’t even mean we get paid, usually)!

So that’s why I started thinking really hard about how I wanted poetry to show up in my life, but also in others’ lives. I looked at the publishing model, I read up on how my favorite poets did it, and I also took from my own professional life as journalist and freelancer.

And that’s how I came across Patreon.


This was a way I could actually offer my poetry and have time to do the work that is required to put into it—but I could also do so much more.

  • I can connect with my readers.
  • Give you poems you might actually read.
  • Give you access to my process if you want to.
  • You could even help me choose the poems that will go into my book.
  • You can get video and audio of me performing my poems
  • Not to mention, ask me questions and hop onto live chats about anything you want!

And the best part?

You can get more than just a poem in your pocket; you get to walk through life with a poet by your side.

• perspective
• connection
• reflection
• understanding
• depth
• meaning
• space
• beauty
• inspiration
• magic

All in your day-to-day. Delivered to your inbox, or to your mailbox even! And at the end of it all, you just might have poems that you can share and love…and a beautiful book on your shelf that you helped make happen.

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