Poetry you want on your bookshelf…

The poetry we want on our shelves is not only the poetry we want to go to time and time again, but also poetry that is beautiful in form.

The lines are short and poignant, and break where they make you think.

But also, the poetry you want on your bookshelf is the poetry that is beautiful in physical form—pages you want to run your fingers over, spines you want to line up along your wall, and words that sink into the paper as much as they sink into your heart, mind, body, soul.

How to read poetry when life gets in the way

You will hate poetry if you don’t know how to read it. Or, at least, you will like fewer poems than you would if you knew how to read it. But you don’t have to love all poetry. I don’t. The key to poetry—reading or writing it—is to never force it. As I stated inContinue reading “How to read poetry when life gets in the way”